As a wellness chiropractor in Southlake, Dr. Robert Meyer focuses on the overall health of his patients through more than spinal alignment. While your spine needs to be aligned for your nervous system to work properly, there can be other causes to your pain, discomfort, and continuing need for chiropractic adjustments.

By working on each element of wellness such as physical condition, nutrition, emotional wellness, and social wellness we can help ensure that your health improves and you’re able to enjoy the activities that matter to you and maintain a positive outlook on life and your person.

wellness chiropractor in southlake

What is a Wellness Chiropractor?

A Wellness Chiropractor is specially trained to restore proper nerve and spinal function. Dr. Robert Meyer does this manually by using the chiropractic procedure known as spinal adjustment along with providing services to improve nutrition and exercise.

Elements of Wellness

At Meyer Chiropractic, we can help you with four elements of wellness, including:


Typically when people thing of physical condition, they think six-pack abs, toned muscles, and being fit-as-a-fiddle. However, your physical conditioning for a healthy life doesn’t require all that. But, instead focuses on flexibility, cardiovascular health, energy levels, hormone balance, and the ability to perform daily activities comfortably without tiring.

As these aspects of our daily health fall to the wayside more and more over time, the balance within our body suffers and health conditions arise. Chronic disease, chronic pain and inflammation, immune system problems, becoming overweight, and fatigue are some of the most common symptoms people walk into our office with. That’s why we always create a customized plan for our patients and offer a variety of services from chiropractic adjustment to massage therapy, exercises, and nutritional plans for wellness.


Fort most people, your diet affects your health more than any other aspect because we ingest food and fluids in our bodies multiple times daily to function properly. If you intake bad foods and drinks, your body will repay you with poor results. A healthy diet that fits your personal needs is a must if you want to reduce inflammation, improve immune health, and feel better.


Emotional trauma has a physical impact on our bodies. If you’re struggling with current or past emotional trauma issues, then your body could be suffering more because of it. Being able to let go of that trauma and move forward can greatly help your emotional wellness. According to the famous Dr. Jordan Peterson, if you’re still having negative emotional feelings more than 18 months after the fact, then you haven’t gotten through it yet.


Having a social circle of support via friends and family is a vital part of our health as human beings. We’re social creatures and need the social stimulation. The amount of optimal healthy social interaction can vary between individuals based on how extraverted/introverted they are, but it is still a need for everyone.

Holistic Chiropractic Care in Southlake, TX

By bringing all these aspects of wellness together, your body is able to function like a well-oiled machine – fluidly and without painful grinding. Meyer Chiropractic treats the whole person and not just the symptoms to improve your overall health. Chiropractic care focuses on treating the underlying cause of the physical symptoms. Much of the time, this means misaligned spinal vertebrae causing pain in some part of the body, but it can mean other things, too.

As part of a total wellness plan, your Southlake chiropractic team at Meyer Chiropractic will get to know you as a person to help untangle any wellness elements that may not be working in your favor. Once the cause of your problem is brought out into the open and addressed, you can start working on a solution so the pain will go away.

At Meyer Chiropractic our team is here to help answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us today by phone at (817) 310-6604.