Auto Accident and Whiplash

Most of us will be in a motor vehicle accident and WILL SUFFER with injuries such as whiplash, neck pain, headaches, back pain, TMJ, shoulder pain, muscle spasms, or even bulging or herniated discs.  After an accident like this, some people will have immediate pain, while for others, the pain won’t show up for a few days, or even a week or two later.  In any case, the sooner you get checked out by a qualified professional, the sooner you can begin treatment, and start your road to recovery.

Dr. Robert Meyer has been treating people involved in car accidents for over 20 years.  Too often, when people are injured they worry more about their car, and not enough about getting over their own injuries and getting out of pain. Our goal at Meyer Chiropractic in Southlake is to get you feeling better, back on your feet, and living your life like normal and without any pain.

Finding The Right Car Accident Chiropractor

At Meyer Chiropractic our immediate focus is to answer three questions:

  1. Are you hurt?
  2. If so, how badly are you hurt?
  3. Can you make a full recovery?

After an accident many people don’t feel hurt or all that bad the day of or within the first few days. But, there could be serious injuries there that need to be addressed. That’s why we have three answers to provide you when you come in after an auto accident:

  1. How badly you are hurt.
  2. How long will you be out of action.
  3. Whether you need to miss work.

As a professional auto accident chiropractor in Southlake, I want to make sure that you get seen immediately after you’ve been in an accident to make sure that there’s no permanent damage.

Southlake Chiropractor for Car Accident Victims

At Meyer Chiropractic we do everything possible to help you recover from your car accident injuries as fast and as easy as possible.  To speed up your healing process, we recommend getting checked out as soon as you can after your accident.  The longer you wait, the longer your recovery may take.

Dr. Meyer will do a thorough exam, and with our onsite Digital X-ray, we can take all necessary images to determine the extent of your injuries.  After your exam, you can start getting relief that day.

We will go over all of your exam results, and go over what can be done to help you recover from your auto injuries, as well as how long your recovery will take.

Many auto insurance policies have what is called Personal Injury Protection, Dr. Meyer’s staff will get all necessary information to see if you have 100% medical coverage with that.  In addition, Dr. Meyer has several local attorney’s he can refer you to if that is the direction you need to go. 

Have you been in a car accident? Get the help you need now!