Meet The Doctor: Dr. Robert Meyer, D.C.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Robert Meyer D.C., and I own Meyer Chiropractic.

I first visited a chiropractor when I was 17. Throughout my childhood, I had always suffered with headaches and after a series of neck injuries in high school wrestling, things got even worse. I now had severe headaches every day, and vertigo literally every time I stood up. The only way I could function was to take 4 Advil first thing in the morning, and usually another 2 at lunch time.

I was a stubborn kid like many others and I thought I could live with the pain by taking pills every day. After taking 6 Advil a day, every day for months, I received some of the best advice I have ever had in my life when my Mom told me to see her chiropractor. I literally told her, “I can crack my neck whenever I want, how is this going to help?”

She insisted I go, and within a few visits, I was pain free, vertigo free, and just as important, I was medication free.

This changed my life, I was so moved by the impact he had on me I decided that helping people naturally, without any drugs, was what I wanted to do with my life. I was inspired.

Dr. Robert Meyer, D.C. Chiropractor in Southlake TX and Tiffany Meyer

How I Became a Chiropractor in Southlake, TX

After graduating Rutger’s University, I attended Parker College of Chiropractic here in Dallas. There I received my second bachelors, this time in Anatomy, as well as my Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Since I graduated, I have been a practicing chiropractor since 2001, and located here in Southlake since 2007 at Meyer Chiropractic. Our #1 priority in our office is to treat our patients like family. We do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to your health, but treat every person as an individual.

Since I have been practicing here in Southlake, I have performed more than 100,000 chiropractic adjustments, and have helped over 7000 families.

If you are in pain, please call my office now at (817) 310-6604. Don’t wait for months and months thinking you can take the pain. Let me and my amazing staff help you get your life back, so you can do all the things you want to do.