It’s become so common to us as chiropractors to offer water to our Southlake chiropractor patients after a chiropractic adjustment and then go on with our day.

As it is, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially during the summer here in Southlake, Texas where it stays above 100 degrees Fahrenheit day after day. But, did you know that drinking water to stay hydrated is especially important after each chiropractic adjustment because it releases the toxins that have been trapped in your muscles and joints that have been causing you pain and discomfort.

In order to get rid of those toxins and to help the healing process, we recommend that you drink at least 16 ounces of water (yes, only water!) within an hour after your chiropractic adjustment at Meyer Chiropractic.

Staying Hydrated After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

What to do in the hours following your chiropractic appointment

After visiting Meyer Chiropractic, your body may feel differently, even lighter and more relaxed from setting your spinal alignment. You may also have soreness of a different kind than the aches and pains that brought you to our Southlake chiropractic practice. This is because after your body is realigned, it begins the healing process.

The most important things to do once you have been adjusted by Dr. Meyer is to stay fully hydrated and eat healthy, fresh foods full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. If you have questions about great foods to eat after going to the chiropractor talk to our very own Tiffany Meyer – our in house nutritional expert – as she is amazing and can even offer great ideas during pregnancy that can help too!

Hydration Helps to Remove Toxins from the Body

When your chiropractor performs an adjustment, your body is put into proper alignment, which reduces the stress and tension in your spine. Once this happens, the toxins that have been building up are finally able to be released. Drinking water after the adjustment will help to eliminate these toxins from your body more quickly. Remember those side effects that you may experience? Staying hydrated after your visit to the chiropractor will greatly reduce the severity and length of time for all of them. Drinking lots of water after your adjustment will also nourish the discs between the vertebrae, keeping your spine healthy and flexible.