If you’ve suffered from pain in your neck or beck, or sciatic nerve pain that is caused by damaged discs in your spine, then spinal decompression therapy may be a great choice of treatment to pursue. This kind of chiropractic care aims to carefully and painlessly stretch your spine to alleviate pain and pressure to disc. Going through this non-invasive therapy will also increase blood flow to your spine which will result in many long-term health benefits including a lot less pain.

What Does Decompressing Your Spine Do?

Spinal decompression therapy slowly and carefully stretches your spinal column in order to reduce pressure on your discs. If you are someone who works at a desk for many hours everyday, then you likely experience neck and back pain. A combination of gravity, your posture, and long hours sitting at a desk is known to contribute to injuries like bulging and herniated discs.

The three most common ailments that lead to needing your spine decompressed are herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative discs. A bulging disc occurs when a disc in the spine has been pushed out of its normal space in the spinal column. This often puts pressure on the nerves which can cause pain not only in your spine but in other areas of your body, too. When a disc cracks and even leaks its interior gel, this is a herniated disc. This can cause a different type of pain that is often described as a burning sensation. This sensation can spread down to your lower back and legs almost like how a fire spreads.

Spinal Decompression Southlake

Lastly, degenerative discs are most often caused by age. Over time, the discs do not have as much fluid as they did 10, 20, or 30 years ago. They may also have tears in the outer areas of the discs. Untreated degenerative discs can lead to bone spurs which can be extremely painful.

One of the most effective methods to determine if spinal decompression therapy is a good treatment option for you is by using an x-ray. An x-ray will allow your chiropractor to get a close look at the current state of your spinal column to make a decision about spinal decompression or other beneficial chiropractic services. A comprehensive plan of care can then be established to start getting you back on track with your life and living pain free.

A key benefit to spinal decompression isn’t just the pain relief. This therapy will not only achieve pain relief, it will affect the functions of the rest of your body. A healthier spine with increased blood flow which in turn promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Is Spinal Decompression Painful?

To someone who has never heard of spinal decompression therapy, the thought of having your spine stretched can sound a little scary. After all, your spine is one of the most important parts of your body and can also be one of the most fragile. Luckily, spinal decompression isn’t painful at all.

In fact, patients at Meyer Chiropractic in Southlake, Texas, have reported dozing off and even falling asleep during their spinal decompression therapy. You can rest assured that the treatment you receive won’t be painful and that it will achieve the opposite: pain relief. Many patients also report an improvement in how they feel after their first appointment.

Spinal decompression involves gradually stretching your spine. It’s a small, short movement with the help of special equipment to ensure it’s painless and risk free. After just your first appointment, the only risk you have is leaving feeling refreshed and energized.

How Often You Should Do Spinal Decompression

Like many treatments and treatment plans, spinal decompression is not a one-appointment-fix. At least in the beginning, you may need to have 2-3 therapy sessions a week. As your spine improves over time these weekly sessions may be reduced.

If you think you might be a great candidate for spinal decompression therapy, contact Meyer Chiropractic today to get an appointment scheduled. Stop procrastinating your health and pain relief.