Car Accident Injury Relief

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, chiropractors can provide you with much needed relief. Whether you’ve been seriously or minimally injured in a car accident, Southlake based Meyer Chiropractic’s services can help you minimize pain, regain mobility, and restore health. As a respected car accident doctor and chiropractor, Southlake based Dr. Meyer has been helping accident victims heal for more than thirty years.

Diagnose, Treat Injury & Pain from Auto Accidents

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If you are involved in a car accident, Southlake chiropractor Dr. Meyer will work with you to help overcome your injuries and stabilize your spinal system. As an auto accident chiropractor, he is specially trained to deal with the common and lesser known injuries a motor vehicle accident can bring. Whiplash, neck pain, and back injuries are among the diagnoses he works with every single day.

Car accident doctor serving Southlake for over 10 years, Meyer Chiropractic is well versed in the injuries that are caused by collisions, and extreme forces that can wreak havoc on the skeletal system. A Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, Dr. Meyer can help patients with Southlake whiplash, Southlake back pain, and car accident neck pain.

Traffic accidents are one of our specialties at Meyer Chiropractic. Because of this emphasis, we work with a variety of auto insurance companies and attorneys in the Southlake area. Not all car accident doctors in Southlake, will work with insurance companies, but, as a service to our clients, we are glad to. We will happily work with any attorney of your choice and contact both auto insurance and medical insurance companies for you.

Known as both a car accident doctor and a neck pain doctor, Southlake based Dr. Meyer has built a reputation on helping accident victims get over their injuries and on with their lives.

Dr. Meyer’s Southlake chiropractic center works with injuries both large and small. As a car accident doctor, Southlake residents are treated to a chiropractic spinal analysis, a thorough history, a diagnosis, and therapeutic massage.

If you require a car accident doctor, Dr. Meyer will work with you on all types of injuries. If you have question on treating a specific injury with chiropractic care, please call us today for a free consultation at (817) 310-6604.