Smartphones have become like an additional appendage in our lives. Just ask yourself: when was the last time you went somewhere without your cell phone? And to build upon that question, how long has it been since you last checked your phone? Reading emails, browsing social media memes, and watching short form video content has become commonplace in the daily lives of tens of millions of people. It is estimated that the average adult spends anywhere from two hours to up to four hours per day checking their phone. The major problem with this is the posture that is used to check our phones. When we check our phones, we tilt our heads down which causes strain on the neck. It also starts to give us a more hunched over posture. This posture and subsequent pain-related issues has given birth to its own name.

What Is Text Neck?

A new term that has come up in recent years is “text neck”. You may have heard about it already, but you may not entirely be sure what it is. Text neck is a more common term to describe text neck syndrome, which stems from the overextended use of tilting the head forward. Like we explained earlier about checking a phone, the head is tilted forward and down because we typically hold our phones at chest level. The more that the head is tilted forward, the more force and strain is put on the spine. This isn’t an issue when it’s done for very short periods of time (after all, it’s difficult to go through life and never tilt your head down), but two to four hours per day on average means upwards of 1,400 hours per year. That puts a lot of strain on the neck and spine.

How to Know if You Are Affected by Text Neck

Figuring out if you are dealing with issues from text neck is straightforward. You are likely to experience pain in the neck and shoulder, as well as tightness. Headaches can also become very common. However, the key to text neck is reflecting on how much time you spend on your phone every day. The more time you spend on your phone with your head tilted forward, the more likely you are to be affected by text neck syndrome.

Luckily, there are ways that you can help to prevent text neck syndrome. For starters, the best thing to do is try to hold your phone at eye level as much as you can. The less that you tilt your head forward when using your phone, the less strain you put on your neck and shoulders. If you are using your phone for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to take periodic breaks from phone use. Being hyper-aware of your posture, especially with your neck, is key to preventing text neck syndrome.

Chiropractic Care for Text Neck Syndrome in Southlake

Seeing a chiropractor is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to treat and prevent pain from text neck syndrome. At Meyer Chiropractic, we’ll evaluate your posture as well as your current pain levels so that we can discuss the best treatment for you. There are many chiropractic adjustments that we can perform to alleviate a lot of the pain. However, we are also able to discuss various exercises that you can do on a regular basis at home.

At Meyer Chiropractic in Southlake, TX, we are dedicated to eliminating pain and stiffness in our incredible patients. We provide a more holistic approach in our treatment for you. While treating the direct symptom is important, it’s equally as important to take steps to prevent future issues. If you are suffering from text neck syndrome, give Meyer Chiropractic a call today.