Our world is full of skepticism, especially when it comes to chiropractic care. There are still a lot of people out there that will say that chiropractic is a hoax and doesn’t do anything to help people. That is, however, far from the truth. The truth is that chiropractic care is an effective tool that reduces pain and even restores or improve how you feel on a daily basis. It is also a method of teaching people about how the things they do throughout their daily lives affect their body and, more specifically, their bone structure. Here are some of the most common myths that people have about chiropractic care.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Dangerous?

If you are seeing a reputable and well-trained chiropractor, then spinal and other adjustments are not dangerous. Chiropractors go through years of medical school and additional training to before branching our on their own. The adjustments themselves can be very dangerous if not performed by someone that has been professionally trained. This is why it’s important to research any chiropractor before choosing them to render their services to you. However, chiropractic adjustments performed by a trained chiropractor are safe.

I’ll Never Stop Going to the Chiropractor

There is a huge misconception about the longevity of going to the chiropractor. Many people are under the assumption that chiropractic care is something that is permanent, almost like performing constant maintenance on the body. However, that’s not really true. While some patients may see their chiropractor for a long period of time, the general goal of chiropractic is to solve the issue, not manage symptoms. If you are continuously going to the chiropractor for the sake of getting regular adjustments with no real end-goal in mind, then the problem probably lies somewhere else.

Cost of Chiropractic Care

In many cases, chiropractic care can be utilized to try and prevent the need for major surgery. This leads many people to believe that chiropractic care is expensive. This is also a myth, especially when you compare the cost of the average chiropractor visit to the cost of surgery, even minor. Another myth about the cost of chiropractic care has to do with insurance. A lot of health insurance providers will actually cover chiropractic care and provide you information about what they will and will not cover. Many patients end up just paying a co-pay, just like when they go in for a regular doctor’s office visit. Even without insurance, a chiropractic visit could cost as low as $65.

Chiropractic Care Isn’t Effective

Another myth is that chiropractic care isn’t effective at relieving pain and helping to restore better mobility in trouble areas. The truth is that context of the issue is required, as chiropractic care is not a cure-all for pain. Just like a diagnostician, chiropractors will go through your list of symptoms, the severity of your pain, and even utilize extra information from scans and x-rays to develop the best course of action for the desired result. One of the distinct advantages of chiropractic care for pain relief is that pain medication is typically not used. In contrast, many primary care physicians will typically prescribe a medication to treat the symptoms of pain, but not the cause of that pain.

Professional and Effective Chiropractic Care in Southlake

At Meyer Chiropractic, we believe in guiding our patients to living a more pain-free and happy life through the careful application of chiropractic care. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that you also gain the knowledge of how to take care of your body after chiropractic adjustments to ensure that your issues do not return. To schedule an initial appointment, give us a call today!